Friday, August 15, 2014

The Kingbird's Mecca

This guy has drug his family all over to places he wished to see, and there was always an objective, be it historical, cultural, or otherwise.  However, this place was and would always be a place I would love to visit.  We found ourselves in northern New York and I knew we were very close to this locale.  Yet, I did not feel the family would want to go having stated other activities and places they wished to do.  I stayed quiet and thought maybe some other time.  To my surprise, my dearly beloved noticed in a search just how close we were to the Sapsucker Woods and stated we must go.  She also asked why I hadn’t thought of it.  I had! But I didn’t think everyone would go along with the idea.
Birders know of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.  Anyone who has spent some time studying and reading about the birding community knows this is the place—the place of great research and knowledge.  It has a wonderful website replete with information.  And there are woods and wetlands and marches surrounding the lab. Go walk around or simply visit the center and sit at the windows watching the birds come to the pond or feeder garden.  ‘Tis worth it.


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