Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ring Necked Pochard

Pochard is such a seldom used term that even my spellcheck did not recognize it.  Clearly one can see this is a Ring Necked Duck.
Pochard refers to diving ducks particularly of the genus Aythya.  These species typically have legs set far back and far apart.  They are very awkward on land but good swimmers.  So you are not likely to find them on land.  They need a running start on water when taking off.

Ring Necked Ducks have heavy bodies and a funny shaped head—peaked or notched.  The male has been described as looking similar to a Scaup but with a black back.  The ring around the neck is an elusive field mark blending well with the neck.  The most discernable mark is a white blaze up the side of the breast.  The female is quite brown but shows a similarly marked bill—a white ring near the tip.  The female also shows an eye ring which the male lacks.

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