Monday, October 14, 2013

Ruffed Grouse

Last summer we visited a small town in southern central Texas.  While there we visited some antique stores.  In a favorite I came upon a print, a copy, of a Ruffed Grouse drawn by J. J. Audubon.  I bought it for a pittance and reveled in my good fortune.  I have since matted and reframed it.  It hangs on my office wall.  And this is a close as I ever thought I might come to seeing a real grouse.
Off we go to Vermont for a fall foliage tour and some much needed vacation.  Second day out for exploring, not more than a mile from our cabin in a grassy field there one was.  I braked hard and backed up.  We got binoculars and a camera on the bird.  I am elated, no longer relying solely on my Audubon print.  I have a rusty phase Ruffed Grouse for my life list!

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