Monday, October 21, 2013


 Ravens have long fascinated me.  I suppose it stems from my knowing that the raven figures prominently in many legends of the western Native Americans. Totems are carved with their likeness as well.
My favorite legend is a tale as to which would be the dominant form on the earth, four--leggeds or two—leggeds.  Each side chose a competitor to race.  A swift footed mountain lion was chosen by the four—legged side and a raven by the two--leggeds. 

When the race began the cat tore away from the start and soon was very far in front.  The raven sat on a branch and croaked and cawed for quite some time.  All who watched thought it over before the race had barely begun.  Yet, the raven finally mustered up and flew.  The race was on.  However, when the raven caught up with the cat it settled on the rump of the cat and appeared to fall asleep.  On the cat ran.  Again, the race was in favor of the cat.  His head and shoulders would surely cross the finish line first.
When the cat neared the finish, the raven awoke, took to the air, its wings easily outdistancing the racing cat that by now was tiring.  The raven crossed the finish line well ahead of the cat, circled back and began a raucous taunt.  The cat swatted at the raven to no avail.  The raven merely flapped its great wings and was out of reach.  And that’s how two leggeds became dominant to four leggeds. 

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