Monday, April 15, 2013

High Island Highlights

We headed to High Island and Anahuac this past weekend.  It took all day to get this bird, our first warbler of the day—our only warbler of the day.  Don’t feel sorry for us; we had 109 species by the end of the day with everywhere we had been.  But when you get to Boy Scouts Woods and the drip you expect more.

This Prothonotary Warbler, like the rest of his species, is fond of water.  Find sluggish or stagnant water and you have found Prothonotary habitat.  Look low, close to the water.  You won’t get warbler neck with this one.  They are also cavity nesters.  That surprises me.  I did not know that until recently.

This bird has special significance for me as it was the first warbler to which I was introduced.  I’m guessing that this one may have cause many a beginning birder to really catch the birding spirit.


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