Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lake Waco Nesting Bald Eagles

For several years there have been nesting Bald Eagles on Lake Waco.  This is a great triumph of environmental commitment, law, and effort.  It is a joy worth celebrating.  Local birders hailed the first successful fledge and continue to do so in subsequent years.
There have been successful fledges, but there have also been tragic losses. The problem has come in the form of not so sturdy, desirable nesting trees. The fishing is good; the parent birds have proved that. The snags available have not all withstood decay and high winds.
To assist future nesting, The Central Texas Audubon Society (CTAS) has proposed building a platform based on a successful design used in Oklahoma for these majestic birds. It is a substantial undertaking and will require raising funds, proper design, and placement such that safety for the nest and the fledglings is assured.

For the curious, and to deter the interference of humans about the nest, a camera is being planned for the platform which is hoped will be viewable from the internet.

All photographs by Bill Ravenscroft.

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