Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Terrific Tripod

I have been to Anahuac on the Upper Texas Coast when the wind was substantial.  I was glad to have a good scope and a wonderful tripod to support it.  It is a great experience to see clearly, to view sharp images of Avocets and Godwits and other shorebirds even when fighting the wind.

I have been on one side of Lake Waco viewing and photographing a Bald Eagle’s nest on the opposite shore—over a mile away.  We did not have a tripod that day and it was sorely needed.  Yes, the photographer got the shot, but it was difficult and some improvising had to be done.

Whether scoping, digiscoping, or photographing all would agree that a strong, stable, supporting tripod is a necessity.  So, consider this one, the Vortex Skyline.

For rock-solid performance in the most demanding situations, you need a Skyline tripod. Rugged anodized legs, variable leg angles, a split center column and a smooth, precise fluid head provide solid support for your optics set up.  Learn more.

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