Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why Join a Board of a Society

As an avid birder, I submit that by birding we become aware of and intensely involved in our surroundings, in nature itself.  I live with the conviction that we, as individuals and as a species, are a part of nature—not apart from nature. Think of the last time you left your normal confines behind and headed to a nearby park or a forest or the lake.  You have left behind the discordant hustle bustle of city life for the tranquility and beauty of Mother Nature.  And you were peaceful.  The difference is so noticeable that one cannot wonder whether it is folly or expedience to invest so much of ourselves in the confines of city existence.

As a part of nature we are compelled to engage in responsible stewardship.  We are, in fact, endowed with the wherewithal to do so.  Some would go so far as to argue a Biblical mandate exists.  For others, there is just some truth in the admonition that “a species cannot long live in its own filth”.
Brown Thrasher
Photograph by Bill Ravenscroft

Whether it is from a pessimism or optimism we approach stewardship, it is clear the collective can accomplish great things and small enhancements.  The mutual benefits of a societal effort are the visible and outward sign of our belief in the common good, the balance of nature, and prosperity for ourselves. Once convinced of this we begin as individuals to do our part, to effect a change in our own behavior, decisions, and activities.  Thence, we become involved in organizations with whom we find congress and common purpose.

Ultimately, the decision to step into a leadership role becomes the logical conclusion.  With that decision, one gains an enhanced perspective, friendships, and connections to the community.  It enables the employment of skills one already possesses and the acquisition of new ones.  It provides an avenue to become actively involved in one’s community.  It provides opportunity to live one’s beliefs.

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