Thursday, February 9, 2012

Park Greeter at McKinney Falls

Red Tail Hawk
Photograph by Roy Smallwood
Following up on last week’s post, we were greeted by this individual just prior to the entrance to McKinney Falls State Park.  The park is just southeast of Austin.  It is a marvel that something as great as this park lies so close to a major city, but it does.

 Our Red Tail greeter has found a wonderful spot to hunt.  There were sufficient high perches as well as a fence line from which to draw his vantage points.  The field looked as if it would provide some tasty meals.

Lower McKinney Falls
Photograph by P Smallwood

Once inside the park we headed to the visitors center where we learned about Thomas McKinney and his family’s life on this ranch in the late 19th century.  The original homestead is partly restored.  We could not get to it this day for the falls were flowing with the water from very badly needed recent rains.  Another day, perhaps.  No matter, we hiked and found other birds and flora.

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