Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rio Grande Revisited

I am standing in my yard watching my garden wither, my Turk’s Cap, Lantana and all else dry out and wither under this most severe drought.  We are under watering restrictions where we live. 

Yet, my thoughts these days find me on the banks of the Rio Grande enjoying the cool of the morning.  Early July found us one morning standing on the banks near Salineno in hopes of sighting Wild Muscovy Ducks, big Ringed Kingfishers and the small Green Kingfisher.  We were not disappointed.

This bird also greeted us that morning, the Bronzed Cowbird.   Well, he definitely presented his red eye to us.  Perhaps, you might agree with me that he is more handsome than his cousin, the Brown Headed Cowbird, though I suppose there are those of you who harbor no mercy for any species whose name includes cowbird.

Brood Parasitism is common in the cowbirds.  Bronzed Cowbirds have been recorded parasitizing gnatcatchers, Olive Sparrows, Kirkland’s Warblers, and Black Capped Vireos.

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