Friday, August 26, 2011

Drought’s Imperative

The drought drags on.  In Central Texas, we have broken a record and have now counted 70 days of triple digit weather.  The stock ponds do not exist, and the surrounding lakes are at 45 percent capacity.  The land is parched.  None of this is news to us who endure it.

The consequence to wildlife is severe.  There is little or no natural food available.  While migration of our avian friends has begun, speculation is that possibly many birds will simply pass this region by, opting for a chance at better fair along the coast.  Those of you who are feeding need to continue feeding; many should consider taking up feeding.  Those who are may be the difference in so many visitors’ journeys.  And you may well be rewarded by some fantastic (perhaps, unusual) sightings.

Keep your feeders full and clean.  Fill them daily.  A clean feeder deters the spread of disease among of avian friends.  They are under severe stress. Therefore, let us not add to their plight with the spread of disease.  For an easy cleaning feeder, please examine the one above.  It is the latest innovation from Droll Yankees—part of their “ring pull” series.  The central rod pulls out releasing the ports so the entire cylinder can be easily cleaned with a bottle brush.  Reassembly is just as easy.

Same should be said for your birdbaths.  Water is a key attractant to all wildlife in good times but is imperative now.  It is the only substitute for this drought. Clean water will be a life saver.

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