Tuesday, December 28, 2010

American Goldfinches and Pine Siskins

 American Goldfinches accompanied by Pine Sikins are now visiting my new Finch Flocker Thistle/Nyjer Feeder. It is also a grand event when these birds find the feeders in our neck of the woods. To me, even in winter plumage, the American Goldfinch is a stunning and beautiful bird. When you see one, you will see many.

Impressive is the diversity among finches. The family, Fringillidae, contain fairly large species, such as the grosbeaks while also being represented by such small species as the Lesser Goldfinch.

Worldwide the finches hardly ever show seasonal variation in plumage. The one exception is the male American Goldfinch. I suppose this makes these birds all the more remarkable.

American Goldfinches are easily identified with their distinctive darker wings and clearly marked wing bars, white rump, along with white outer tail feathers visible in flight. Of course, note the yellow always found on the bird but more vivid and bright in breeding season.

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