Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Porcupine Texas

 Porcupine Texas is not Porcupine, Texas.  Porcupines in Texas are even more surprising.

We have a favorite spot we enjoy for escaping the hustle-bustle of every day duties and obligations. Part of the reason for coming to the Red Corral Ranch near Wimberley, Texas is the wildlife. We have always seen deer and Golden Cheeked Warblers and Ladderbacked Woodpeckers. This time we were treated to porcupine. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the western US is associated with porcupines in my mind. In point of fact, the only other porcupine I’ve ever seen was in Colorado. So, to discover one in Texas is a big deal. This one ambled along slowly chomping on the woody vegetation. We had almost begun to prepare our breakfast when, out the kitchen window of the cabin, we saw this clumsy dark ball of an animal engaged in its breakfast.

Porcupines are supposed to enjoy forested areas or areas where there are rock ledges which afford crevices where they can den or hide.  They are supposed to enjoy pines but will inhabit brushy areas.   Okay, most of that fits this ranch.  Much of the ranch is forested, but not with pines.  The surrounding forest consists of Scrub oaks, Live oaks and Western Red Cedar.  There is considerable relief to the topography, and limestone ledges are present everywhere.

We did approach the animal cautiously.  No, they don’t shoot their quills, but for a clumsy animal they can quickly jump and flap that tail at you.  You’ll regret that.  Okay, close enough for a few pictures and that’s all.

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