Monday, October 12, 2009

Well Equipped

Well equip your birder with an outstanding birder binocular, The Vortex 8 x 42 Viper. This binocular is excellent in low light conditions often present in early morning or evening when much activity is evident. Watching Short Eared Owls frolic across open pastures feeding at dusk is greatly facilitated by the light gathering power of these wonderful binoculars. The Viper has XD glass and XR coatings to enhance image resolution and color accuracy while providing extraordinary brightness. The Viper is argon purged to extend the useful life of the binocular while providing superb water and fog proofing. It is lightweight and possesses excellent eye relief.

Couple the Viper with a wonderful field guide like the National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America and your birder is set for a grand experience. The Fifth Edition of this field guide is touted as one of the best guides on the market today.

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