Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birding and Hiking or Biking Binoculars

The trails beckon and the birds await and you know you’re ready. The problem has been what to carry that is lightweight but capable of rendering a good sighting. Problem solved when you carry the Vortex 8 x 28 Fury. This binocular weighs in at a scant 11.8 ounces. It measures 4.7” x 4.5”—small enough to fold into a pocket. It’s compact, durable and the optics are great. It is argon purged for water and fog proofing. Silver coated, phase corrected prisms and advanced coatings deliver superb images even in low light conditions.

Consider this gem of a binocular for travel, too. Every airplane ride causes us to consider total weight of our luggage. Yet, the Fury won’t add enough with which to be concerned. And when you get there, you still will have a great time in the field chasing down those species not found in your neck of the woods.

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