Monday, September 14, 2009

Small is Big, Big is Small

In late August I began another trip around the sun—my 58th in fact. Now this seems to be quite an undertaking mileage wise. Yet, only 1/365 has to be accomplished every day. So, I find myself contemplating when small is big and big is small. Point in fact 1/365 of a year (small) is a whole day, 24 hours (big). Traveling half way around the world to Africa, something my youngest daughter did this summer, is no big deal to her but substantial to me. Hummingbirds are so very small and their nests are almost unrecognizable. However, their presence is a big deal to birders and non-birders alike.
One degree rise in the average temperature of our climate is the harbinger of the extremes of global warming. A one percent increase in the population of the world is 62 million people. In contrast, the attention you give a child bears tremendous fruit of a loving, caring, and engaged adult.

Well, I beg the question. What small thing can we do that will make a big difference for ourselves, our Society, for the community? It is something we should contemplate every day of this trip around the sun.



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