Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fantastic Fury, Fantastic Vacation

Nature observation is an activity many people are finding rewarding theses days. First, it gets you off your duff. Second, it gets you out of the rut. Third, it sometimes surprises you.

On our recent trip to Wyoming, we spent time hiking trails, picnicking at National Forest Parks, and viewing mountains up close and from some wonderful vantage points. We spent our time in the Snowy Range along Highway 130 west of Laramie.

Camping in Nash Fork campground provided us with enough trees and spacious camping area to share with chipmunks and Golden Mantle Ground Squirrels. We thoroughly enjoyed this as our headquarters. It was quiet even while being share by other campers. It proved to be convenient from which to foray into the surrounding countryside. With Laramie to the east and Saratoga to the west we had civilization if we wanted or needed it. Yet, in between, we found nature worth seeing.

We carried some essential equipment: one, a camera, and two, binoculars. I wished that I had my very good camera, but alas, it was not to be. However, the binoculars are fantastic. I carried the Vortex 8x 42 Fury. These binoculars produce a wonderfully clear, detailed image that astounds. We could see the flies being flicked off the Bull Moose when wagging its ears. Now, that’s something. It also afforded us some great views of the Yellow-bellied Marmot at Lake Marie Falls. The marmot tried to blend in with the boulders, but the Fury made it possible to hone in on him. Such a deal; such a deal.

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