Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bull Moose

We left our campsite at Nash Fork Campground heading west on Hwy 130 for a day in Saratoga, Wyoming. Our objective was to see the sites and shops of Saratoga and check out the historic Wolf Hotel. All of which, we did. There are some wonderful galleries in this small town and very friendly people. We lunched in the dinning room of the Wolf and headed for a swim and a shower. Alas, a summer rain shower caused us to miss swimming.

Upon heading back to the campsite, again on Hwy 130, we noticed several cars stopped alongside the road where there was no turnout, overlook, or overt reason to stop. Yet, this is a scenic highway and many a wonder at which to marvel. The trouble is getting stopped ourselves in time to pull out of traffic. So, we sped by a bit and had to turn around. We were rewarded by coming upon a red fox trying to scamper out of our site.

Having turned around we more slowly approached the small crowd gather back down the road. To our great excitement we came upon, not one, but two Bull Moose, most contentedly, lolling in the tall grass, munching away. We had seen moose in Maine, but only cows. These would be our first bulls. For several days we had heard of people sighting moose near our campsite. We had not been fortunate to have spotted them. So, this was a great discovery.

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