Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival has just returned from the RGV Birding Festival in Harlingen, TX. This was the 15th Annual Festival but my first time to attend as part of the Birders’ Bazaar. The four day event was a great experience. I met many people who stopped by to examine the offerings at the booth. We had fun exchanging stories about the birds being seen on the field trips, as well as stories about sightings made on previous occasions. Good discussion was had about favorite feeders, hummingbirds fighting over feeders, binoculars and spotting scopes.

Friday morning, just before the opening of the bazaar, I was able to spot three Golden Fronted Woodpeckers in the park near the auditorium. It was reported that a flock of parrots were just one block west of the auditorium on Thursday about 4:00 PM, but alas, I couldn’t leave the booth. However, I spotted two Harris’ Hawks, several Caracara, and Red Tailed Hawks on the trip home.



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