Monday, September 29, 2008

R&R at Mt. Hood

We have spent three days vacationing in Northern Oregon in the Mt. Hood area. The first night was quite stormy, raining hard and the wind blowing. The mountain was not viisble to us until two days later. What a sight! What an impressive imposing scene. In celebration of that clear day we did a complete 360 around the mountain, viewing it from all sides. The forest on the south side; the orchards on the northside near Dee, OR; Lost Lake; and Lolo Pass down the west side--all memorable.

The first night's rain storm did not leave us rattled. We were very cozy in a cabin at the base of the mountain (pictured below).

We just had to venture down to the Sandy River below the cabin to find an Ouzel (American Dipper) happily singing and bobbing in the cold rapids in search of its breakfast. Yes, we waited until the light of day because everywhere are warnings of bear.

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