Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Carolina Wrens Fledged

Our Wrens have fledged their first brood of the season. We were surprised by the interest in this house this year. We had to trim the Red Oak of some limbs that were wearing against our roof. One of those limbs fell on the birdhouse and did some damage. Yet, it was the correct kind of damage, for this proud little bird and its mate worked hard to put it in shape and built the perfect nest. Two offspring sat at the opening for the good part of a day and then took their first flight. Beforehand, we were able to watch these hard working parents bring worms and insects to those hungry mouths at a very steady pace. Quite interesting was the constant calling on the part of the parents while they did the “grocery shopping”. I suppose it let the young know that the parents were still about. Equally interesting to watch was the indirect route the adults took to the house changing the pattern a little each time. Bittersweet is the successful fledge, for the house is empty now.

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