Thursday, May 15, 2008

Binoculars for Kids and Youth

Children are naturally curious, inquisitive, and adventuresome. We should foster this whenever we can. One way to do so and foster a love and greater understanding of the world around us is to take them on outdoor adventures. Of course, we can nurture their zeal by providing them with tools of observation. Thus, the choice of binoculars is a gift that will serve our children well. So, what are the options?

For a youngster, kindergarten through third grade, you might consider the brightly (and fun colored) Audubon 7 x 18 Mini. It is small enough to fit smaller hands and light enough to be easily held steady. It has a large field of view, an important aspect for someone just learning to use binoculars. It allows for close up observation. It really is an affordable and very versatile first binocular.

Third graders to Middle schoolers can choose from the Vortex 8 x 32 Lightning or the Audubon 8 x 42 Vector. The Vortex Lightning is a mid sized wonder. It is light weight, only 17.4 ounces. Its field of view is substantial at 394 ft at 1000 yards. It is also water and fog proof. It can easily be pack in a backpack or is great for one traveling by bicycle. On the other hand, the Audubon 8 x 42 Vector is a full sized binocular, yet still light enough to be easily handled and steadied. It too is water and fog proof. The Audubon 8 x 42 Vector has another advantage in that it allows for observation as close as six feet.

High School age youth can take advantage of the Stokes 8 x 42 Talon. The name Stokes has long been connected with birding and excellence in field observation. The Stokes are considered experts in the birding community and have designed a complete series of binoculars and spotting scopes. The Talon is the introductory binocular in this regard. It is rugged, full sized, water and fog proof. It has multi-coated, phase corrected lenses providing one with crisp, clean, clear images. It has a whopping 420 foot field of view, one of the best in the industry. Also, one can focus on objects as close as 4.5 feet away. The Talon can help you just as easily view a bluebird across the field as a swallowtail butterfly on the flower right next to you.

May you and your children or grandchildren enjoy the great outdoors.


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