Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BGBY Quarterly Report

The first quarter of 2008 is officially over. I thought I report on the species on my list so far. I've purposely narrowed my BGBY to on foot, in and around my neighborhood. I've been intrigued by this project because it may be a way of apprising my neighbors of the diversity of birds within their own neighborhood and fostering a greater appreciation of the avifauna around us. I hope to be convincing to my neighbors in demonstrating that birding is something that can be done almost anywhere.

Species & Date

House Finch 1/14/2008
American Goldfinch 1/14/2008
Ruby-crowned Kinglet 1/14/2008
Carolina Chickadee 1/14/2008
Tufted Titmouse 1/14/2008
Yellow-rumped Warbler 1/14/2008
Northern Cardinal 1/14/2008
White-winged Dove 1/14/2008
Turkey Vulture 1/14/2008
Red-bellied Woodpecker 1/14/2008
Blue Jay 1/14/2008
American Crow 1/14/2008
Red-tailed Hawk 1/14/2008
Red-breasted Nuthatch 1/14/2008
Orange-crowned Warbler 1/28/2008
Dark-eyed Junco 1/28/2008
European Starling 2/6/2008
Northern Mockingbird 2/6/2008
Mourning Dove 2/6/2008
House Wren 2/10/2008
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 2/10/2008
American Robin 2/22/2008
Sharp-shinned Hawk 2/26/2008
Ring-billed Gull 2/26/2008
Black Vulture 3/14/2008
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher 3/18/2008
Great-tailed Grackle 3/19/2008
Common Grackle 3/19/2008
Cedar Waxwing 3/20/2008
Black and White Warbler 3/20/2008
Killdeer 3/21/2008


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