Monday, March 17, 2008

A Good Day To Go Birding

I stand in my kitchen, coffee cup in my hand. Like many mornings, I beat my alarm. No, I didn’t use a hammer. I mean that I’m awake before it goes off. I’m already dressed, boots and birding vest on. The vest pockets are already filled with my field guides, checklist, notebook and pen, compass and map. My binoculars and spotting scope already carefully stowed in the car. Coffee’s good this morning. I need to get my hat and coat. I checked the weather forecast last night (the internet is my friend): cool crisp morning will give way to sunshine and a bit of wind. I’ll grab my sunglasses just in case.

As light seeps into my backyard, the feeders and bird bath already draw visitors. There are robins on the grass; goldfinches and house finches at the feeder. A wren flits in the Rose-a-Sharon near the bath. Stealing into the yard from the ravine’s edge is a flock of Dark-eyed Juncos.

Camera…I have to get my camera. Maybe, there will be a chance at a good shot. I grab my cell phone, which I’ll carry only in case “someone wants or needs me”.

A bottle of water and an apple for a snack; I’ve got to go. It’s a good day to go birding.


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